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Лин Картер, Кларк Эштон Смит «Свиток Марлока»

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Свиток Марлока

The Scroll of Morloc

Рассказ, год; цикл «Мифы Ктулху. Свободные продолжения»

Жанрово-тематический классификатор:

Свиток Великого Шамана Марлока хранился в святилище бога, которому поклонялись вурмисы Гипербореи, — Цатоггуа. Исчезновение его привело бы вурмисов в состояние панического ужаса.

Именно поэтому шаман Йехемог, который семь раз претендовал на роль главного жреца и семь раз не был избран, решил выкрасть свиток.


Впервые рассказ опубликован в журнале Fantasitc, october 1975. Предисловие в журнале:


When Clark Ashton Smith died in 1957 he left behind the notes and outlines of many unwritten stories. Some were detailed plots, complete with character names and titles, running to four or five hundred words; others were one-sentence story-germs. Additionally, there were lists of titles with no story-ideas attached, lists of story-ideas sans titles, and long lists of made-up names Smith did not live to use. With the permission of his estate, Lin Carter has been turning some of these ideas and fragments into finished stories in a close, careful pastiche of his style, using as many genuine Smithian names and titles as possible. Two of these new stories appeared in the recently-revived and yet more recently folded Weird Tales; the story which follows had been accepted for the fifth revived issue of that magazine, but it lasted only four issues. Carter notes that “The Scroll of Morloc” takes place in the imaginary prehistoric kingdom of Hyperborea, site of many of Smith’s finest yarns, such as “The Coming of the White Worm.” Like that story (itself Chapter Nine), this one is also a chapter (Chapter Three) of the Book of Eibon, Smith’s legendary tome of prehistoric sorcery and myth, created in response to Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.

Входит в:

— антологию «The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 2», 1976 г.

— сборник «Lost Worlds», 1980 г.

Затерянные миры
2004 г.


1991 г.

Издания на иностранных языках:

The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 2
1976 г.
Lost Worlds
1980 г.


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