Fantastic April 1972

«Fantastic, April 1972»


Fantastic, April 1972

Язык издания: английский

1972 г.

Страниц: 132


Cover art by Mike Hinge; interior art by Allen St. John.


  1. Ted White. Editorial (feature), р. 4, 120-128
  2. Gordon Eklund. Beyond the Resurrection (serial beginning, иллюстрации С. Харпера), р. 6-65
  3. Bob Shaw. A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass (short story, иллюстрации Д. Кокрума), р. 66-71
  4. Terry Carr. Thus I Refute (short story, иллюстрации М.У. Калуты), р. 72-75, 81
  5. David R. Bunch. Up to the Edge of Heaven (short story, иллюстрации С. Харпера), р. 76-81
  6. F. M. Busby. The Puiss of Krrlik (short story), р. 82-84, 87
  7. Maggie Nadler. The Pill (short story), р. 85-87
  8. B. Mebane. Nice Trees Don't (short story), р. 88-89, 98
  9. Alexei Panshin. The Resurrection of SF-1 (feature), р. 90-98
  10. Ted White. According to You (feature), р. 102-118

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