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«Anthropology Through Science Fiction»


Anthropology Through Science Fiction

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New York: St. Martin's Press, 1974 г.

ISBN: 9780312043056

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 387


18 stories that illustrate concepts in anthropology.


  1. Carol Mason, Martin H. Greenberg, Patricia S. Warrick. Preface (статья), p. v
  2. Introduction (статья), p. ix
    1. Man as Part of Nature. What sets human beings apart from other animals?, p. xii
  3. Stanley G. Weinbaum. A Martian Odyssey (рассказ), p. 4
  4. Fredric Brown. Arena (рассказ), p. 29
    2. Human Origins and Evolution. When and where and how did the human adaptation occur?, p. 58
  5. A. E. Van Vogt. Enchanted Village (рассказ), p. 62
  6. Robert Moore Williams. Robot's Return (рассказ), p. 78
    3. Human Diversity and Potential. Does it matter that people are not all alike?, p. 92
  7. Avram Davidson. The House the Blakeneys Built (рассказ), p. 96
  8. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Frog Pond (рассказ), p. 108
    4. The Commitment to Social Life. How do people live together in groups?, p. 120
  9. Kit Reed. The Vine (рассказ), p. 124
  10. Isaac Asimov. Strikebreaker (рассказ), p. 135
    5. The Ecological Imperative. What is the relationship between the shape of social groups and their environmental settings?, p. 150
  11. Poul Anderson. The Sharing of Flesh (рассказ), p. 154
  12. Judith Merril. Survival Ship (рассказ), p. 185
    6. The Technological Imperative. How do human tools figure in adaptation?, p. 196
  13. Chad Oliver. Far From This Earth (рассказ), p. 201
  14. A. Bertram Chandler. The Cage (рассказ), p. 216
    7. The Origins of Civilization. How do complex societies come into being?
  15. Robert Abernathy. Pyramid (рассказ), p. 234
  16. Stanley Schmidt. Lost Newton (рассказ), p. 261
    8. The World Outside, Science and Religion. How do human beings relate to the universe?, p. 286
  17. Leonard Tushnet. Aunt Jennie's Tonic (рассказ), p. 290
  18. Isaac Asimov. Nightfall (рассказ), p. 309
    9. Living Together in the Universe. How do people understand and come to appreciate other cultural systems?, p. 344
  19. Katherine MacLean. Unhuman Sacrifice (рассказ), p. 348
  20. Robert Sheckley. The Monsters (рассказ), p. 377


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