Издательство Heyne

Издательство «Heyne»


Год открытия: 1934


The Heyne publishing house is one of the largest publishing houses of Germany. Heyne shifts books of internationally renowned authors of the maintenance literature such as Johannes Mario Simmel, Daphne you Maurier, Mary Higgins Clark, Pearl S. Buck, Heinz Konsalik and Barbara Cartland. In addition the publishing house program covers numerous special books, above all councellors and example books.


The publishing house was created on 15 February 1934 of William Heyne as a William Heyne publishing house in Dresden and has since 1948 its seat in Munich.

Since 1958 the Heyne publishing house shifts paperbacks. 1960 were taken over the line of the publishing house by the son of William Rolf Heyne. The publishing house built different paperback rows on (prominent example Heyne Science Fiction with authors such as Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke) and became in such a way the second largest paperback publishing house of Germany. Since 1994 is shifted beside paperbacks also Hardcover. More fastidious literature appears under the name Diana Verlag.

On 1 January 2001 the Axel Springer AG took over the William Heyne publishing house and integrated it into its book publishing houses. Rolf Heyne had died few days before at the age of 72 years after long illness. The publishing house became together with the book publishing houses Econ, Ullstein and cunning part of the Ullstein Heyne cunning group. Later — on 1 January 2003 — the Bertelsmann AG took over only two years over its daughter random House the largest part of this group of book publishing houses of the Axel Springer AG.

Since May 2005 Heyne shifts Joint venture as result between random of a House and the Japanese publishing house Kodansha also one gas.

The Collection Rolf Heyne, one of the most renowned publishing houses for high-quality, fastidious illustrated books, belonging in former times to the Heyne publishing house, is today in the private property of Rolf Heynes widow Anja Heyne. The Verlegerin Anja Heyne leads independent publishing house house under the slogan of» books for the erlesenen taste «together with the managing director Welte in Munich resident.

Награды и премии:

Еврокон / EuroCon (ESFS Awards), 1982 // Зал славы. Лучший издатель. (Западная Германия)
Еврокон / EuroCon (ESFS Awards), 1986 (BallCon) // Зал славы. Лучший издатель. (Германия)
Еврокон / EuroCon (ESFS Awards), 1992 (FreuCon) // Зал славы. Лучший издатель. (Германия)

Neumarkter Str. 28, D-81673 München

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Не закрытые:
  • Die Wächter
  • Heyne Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Isaac Asimovs Foundation
  • Meisterwerke der Science-Fiction

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Внесерийные издания

Die Reise zum Arcturus

1986 год

Описание: Cover Klaus Holitzka
illustrations by Johan Peterka

Andromeda Nebel

1983 год

Описание: Иллюстрация на обложке и внутренние иллюстрации K. Porscka.


2007 год

Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm

2004 год

Описание: «Takeshi Kovacs», Band 1.
Titelbild: Chris Moore.

Das kalte Schwert

2013 год

Описание: «Ringil Eskiath», Band 2.
Titelbild: Larry Rostant.

Das sechste Erwachen

2018 год

Описание: Umschlaggestaltung von Kimmo Lemetti.

Der dunkle Wald

2018 год

Описание: "Die Trisolaris-Trilogie", Band 2.
Umschlagillusrtation: Stephan Martiniere.

Der falsche Spiegel

2011 год


Der verlorene Thron

2015 год

Описание: «Unhewn Throne», Band 1.

Die Wölfin

2016 год

Описание: "Die Phileasson Saga", Band 3.
Umschlagillustration von Kerem Beyit; Innenillustrationen von Nadine Schäkel.

Die drei Sonnen

2016 год

Описание: "Die Trisolaris-Trilogie", Band 1.
Umschlagillusrtation: Stephan Martiniere.


2001 год

Описание: Cover art by Arndt Drechsler.


2017 год

Описание: «Talon», Band 4.


2016 год

Описание: «Talon», Band 2.


2016 год

Описание: «Talon», Band 3.


2015 год

Описание: «Talon», Band 1.

Fluch des Tigers

2013 год

Описание: «The Tiger Saga», Band 3.

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