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Philip K. Dick «The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick: Selected Literary and Philosophical Writings»

The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick: Selected Literary and Philosophical Writings

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New York: Vintage, 1995 г.

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ISBN: 0-679-74787-7

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Страниц: 382


Cover design by Heidi North. Photograph of Dick by Nicole Olivieri Panter. Insert photo by John Wilkes.


  1. Lawrence Sutin. Introduction (статья), c. ix-xxix
  2. Part One. Autobiographical Writings
    1. [Предисловие к разделу], c. 3-4
    2. Philip K. Dick. Two Fragments from the Mainstream Novel Gather Yourselves Together, c. 5-8
    3. Philip K. Dick. Introducing the Author (статья), с. 9-9
    4. [Б.а.] Biographical Material on Philip K. Dick (1968), с. 10-10
    5. Philip K. Dick. Self Portrait (статья), с. 11-17
    6. Philip K. Dick. Notes Made Late at Night by a Weary SF Writer (статья), с. 18-20
    7. [Б.а.] Biographical Material on Philip K. Dick (1972), с. 21-22
    8. [Б.а.] Biographical Material on Philip K. Dick (1973), с. 23-23
    9. Philip K. Dick. Memories Found in a Bill from a Small Animal Vet (статья), с. 24-28
    10. Philip K. Dick. The Short, Happy Life of a Science Fiction Writer (статья), с. 29-36
    11. Philip K. Dick. Strange Memories of Death (рассказ), с. 37-43
    12. Philip K. Dick. Philip K. Dick on Philosophy: A Brief Interview (интервью), с. 44-47
  3. Part Two. Writings on Science Fiction and Related Ideas
    1. [Предисловие к разделу], c. 51-53
    2. Philip K. Dick. Pessimism in Science Fiction (статья), с. 54-56
    3. Philip K. Dick. Will the Atomic Bomb Ever Be Perfected, and If So, What Becomes of Robert Heinlein? (статья), с. 57-62
    4. Philip K. Dick. "The Double: Bill Symposium«: Replies to «A Questionnaire for Professional SF Writers and Editors» (статья), с. 63-67
    5. Philip K. Dick. That Moon Plaque (статья), с. 68-68
    6. Philip K. Dick. Who is an SF Writer? (статья), с. 69-78
    7. Philip K. Dick. Michelson-Morley Experiment Reappraised (статья), с. 79-79
    8. Philip K. Dick. Introduction to Dr. Bloodmoney (статья), с. 80-83
    9. Philip K. Dick. Introduction to The Golden Man (статья), с. 84-95
    10. Philip K. Dick. Book Review of The Cybernetic Imagination in Science Fiction (рецензия), с. 96-98
    11. Philip K. Dick. My Definition of Science Fiction (статья), с. 99-100
    12. Philip K. Dick. Predictions by Philip K. Dick Incluted in The Book of Predictions (статья), с. 101-102
    13. Philip K. Dick. Universe Makers . . . and Breakers (статья), с. 103-105
    14. Philip K. Dick. «Headnote» for «Beyond Lies the Wub» (статья), с. 106-107
  4. Part Three. Works Related to The Man in the High Castle and Its Proposed Sequel
    1. [Предисловие к разделу], c. 111-111
    2. Philip K. Dick. Naziism and The High Castle (статья), с. 112-117
    3. Philip K. Dick. Biographical Material on Hawthorne Abendsen (статья), с. 118-118
    4. Philip K. Dick. The Two Completed Chapters of a Proposed Sequel to The Man in the High Castle (статья), с. 119-134
  5. Part Four. Plot Proposals and Outlines
    1. [Предисловие к разделу], c. 137-137
    2. Philip K. Dick. Joe Protagoras Is Alive and Living on Earth (статья), с. 138-143
    3. Philip K. Dick. Plot Idea for Mission: Impossible (статья), с. 144-148
    4. Philip K. Dick. TV Series Idea (статья), с. 149-154
    5. Philip K. Dick. Notes on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (статья), с. 155-161
  6. Part Five. Essays and Speeches
    1. [Предисловие к разделу], c. 165-166
    2. Philip K. Dick. Drugs, Hallucinations, and the Quest for Reality (статья), с. 167-174
    3. Philip K. Dick. Schizophrenia and The Book of Changes (статья), с. 175-182
    4. Philip K. Dick. The Android and the Human (статья), с. 183-210
    5. Philip K. Dick. Man, Android, and Machine (статья), с. 211-232
    6. Philip K. Dick. If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others (статья), с. 233-258
    7. Philip K. Dick. How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later (статья), с. 259-280
    8. Philip K. Dick. Cosmogony and Cosmology (статья), с. 281-313
    9. Philip K. Dick. The Tagore Letter (статья), с. 314-316
  7. Part Six. Selections from the Exegesis
    1. [Предисловие к разделу], c. 319-319
    2. Philip K. Dick. Selections from the Exegesis (статья), c. 320-350
  8. About the Editor, c. 351-351


Размер книги: 13х20 см.

Each Part of this collection is prefaced with an uncredited introduction, presumably written by Sutin, that contains bibliographic details for each title in the Part that follows.

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