The Astounding Analog Reader ...

«The Astounding-Analog Reader, Book Two»


The Astounding-Analog Reader, Book Two

Язык издания: английский

Составители: ,

London: Sphere, 1973 г. (октябрь)

Тираж: не указан

ISBN: 0-7221-4364-8, 978-0-7221-4364-3

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 320


Second part of «The Astounding-Analog Reader: Volume 1» anthology.

Cover art by Chris Foss (not credited).


  1. Contents, p. 5
  2. Acknowledgements, p. 6
  3. Harry Harrison, Brian W. Aldiss. Introduction (статья), p. 7-16
  4. THREE (continued)
    1. The Push of a Finger. Clash by Night (mini-introduction), p. 17-19
    2. Alfred Bester. The Push of a Finger (рассказ), p. 20-60
    3. Lawrence O'Donnell. Clash by Night (повесть), p. 61-120
  5. FOUR
    1. The Storm. City. First Contact (mini-introduction), p. 121-123
    2. A. E. Van Vogt. The Storm (рассказ), p. 124-155
    3. Clifford D. Simak. City (рассказ), p. 156-181
    4. Murray Leinster. First Contact (рассказ), p. 182-213
  6. FIVE
    1. Giant Killer. Vintage Season. Placet Is a Crazy Place (mini-introduction), p. 214-215
    2. A. Bertram Chandler. Giant Killer (повесть), p. 216-262
    3. Lawrence O'Donnell. Vintage Season (повесть), p. 263-306
    4. Fredric Brown. Placet Is a Crazy Place (рассказ), p. 307-320


Dimensions: 108х178 mm.

Cover art not credited, Foss' characteristic «F» is on the artwork; artist credited in this edition.

First part of anthology here: The Astounding-Analog Reader, Book One.

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