Beyond Armageddon Twenty ...

«Beyond Armageddon: Twenty-One Sermons to the Dead»

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Beyond Armageddon: Twenty-One Sermons to the Dead

первое издание

Язык издания: английский

Составители: ,

New York: Donald I. Fine, 1985 г. (октябрь)

ISBN: 0-917657-55-1, 978-0-917657-55-9

Тип обложки: твёрдая

Страниц: 387


Сборник произведений в жанре «постапокалиптики».

Cover art by Loretta Trezzo.


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• «By the Waters of Babylon» is listed as by «Stephen Vincent Benét» on the title page of the story, but as by «Stephen V. Benet» in the TOC.

• All stories are preceded by intros (written by Miller) which comment on the story to come, and soemtimes also the story preceeding the note. These intros range from a single paragraph to more than a page in length.

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